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Types of Under Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating supply and install several different types of under floor heating to suit your requirements. Information on the most popular systerms we install is shown below:


In-slab Heating

In-slab heating is the most popular choice for full home heating; here the cables are fixed to the reinforcing steel just before the slab is poured. In-slab heating is the ideal solution for connection to off-peak smart power through a smart meter. The concrete slab then acts as a heat sink, storing cheap night time electricity and releasing it slowly during the day. With this system you can heat your home 24/7 throughout the winter at a reasonable cost. In-slab heating can be used with most floor coverings, but it is especially popular beneath polished concrete and tiled floors.

In-screed Heating

In-screed heating is the preferred choice for heating most bathrooms. It is a direct acting system and is installed just before the tiler screeds the floor. The cable is the same robust design as the in-slab and it is suitable for installation below any stone or tile surface.

Under-tile Heating

Under-tile heating is a popular choice in renovations where floor height is critical, or where no screed is being applied. Under-tile heating is also a direct acting system, warming up quickly so it is suitable for using just a few hours a day or on an ad-hoc basis to suit your requirements.

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